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best ayurvedic medicine for quick fall

 1. Almonds-

                       Grind 1-2 almond kernels, a little bit of mana and 3-3 grams of gilloy in equal quantity. It is 7-8 p.m.

Add honey and mix well. One of the reasons for this is to eat it in the morning and in the evening.

2. Amla-

 In order to cure the disease of Amla, Mashhad was found in 6 grams of Amla. It lasts for 8-10 days

Eat and chew cm above. (Kahinglat way white not sprouted lentils?)

3. Cardamom -

 Grind half a small cardamom powder, 3 grams dry powder and 2 grams ground. Of this lime

Make pudia by dividing it equally. Eat it daily in the morning with fresh water. The defect will be removed.

4. Rose flowers-

    Chew 7-8 petals of fresh flower with 3 grams of it. 1 glass over it Drink cow's milk. Daily consumption of this nuke cures the disease. (Headache bay Remedy halogan)

5. Celery- 

Celery powder is an excellent remedy for defects. By extracting the juice of its drink Eat it with honey. Celery juice has many health benefits in this way.

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