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We al love chocolate like anything, right? but do
we know how it is made and from what it is made?
Chocolate is made from cacao beans
Many people aren't aware of were their beloved
chocolate actually comes from. Some know that it comes
from cacao, but even fewer know where cacao is grown,
and especially how it grows and how the beans are
The cocoa beans grow inside the cacao fruit
Have you ever heard of the Cacao fruit? Yes, that is
right. Cacao beans, which you make chocolate from are
growing inside these fruits.
The Cacao tree is native to Central
America and South America
but is nore commonly
grown in Africa these
days. Every fruit
contains about 20-
40 cacao beans,
which are often
harvested by
cacao beans
to make 1 kilo
of chocolate
that you just
learned that each
fruit contains 20-40
beans? That means it will
take at least 22 fruits to get 1
kilo of chocolate!
Hot chocolate was brewed already by the ancient
Mexicans and Aztecs
One of the most popular hot beverages in tne Wornd
along with tea and coffee, especially in colder climates, and
Europe in particular.
But did you know that the Aztecs used to make their own
version of it from cacao beans? It wasa lot more bitter than
ours though since they didnt add any sugar to it.
It was so precious that it was even used as a currency
It was so valuable to the early Mesoamericans that they
used it as a currency. These days we only have the coins
made of chocolate that kids eat, but they are good too!
Milk chocolate was invented in Switzerland
In 1874, Daniel Peter made a breakthrough and
ereated milk chocolate. He used condensed milk to get
the taste and texture he wanted. Since then, the love
for it has spread worldwide, way beyond Switzerland.
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