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Problems with falling and premature graying of hair

Even if our body is beautiful and healthy, how can you keep the language of an attractive person without long black and plump hair?
    Not just for beauty and personality but for common hair disorders such as graying Proper care of the hair is also very important to prevent split ends, shortening, dryness, dryness, coarse hair, alopecia, etc. Such hair disorders can be avoided if care is taken from the beginning but if neglected then long term treatment. If the scalp is kept in good health then most of the hair disorders are not likely to occur. Hair is nourished only by the fun photos. When absorbed, it weakens the skin around it and weakens the hair follicles, causing the hair to turn gray or white.

Hair hygiene     Hair hygiene is the first and basic treatment to prevent hair loss and keep it healthy from the roots. For this, you should massage the scalp with fingernails in such a way that the scalp is massaged while bathing.  Wash the head twice a week. Never wash the head with hot water. After washing the head, sit in the morning sun for an hour to dry the hair so that the scalp gets vitamin-D. Some chronic diseases also cause hair loss, so if there is any physical disease, it should be removed. Apart from this, iron, protein, calcium, vitamin d and  If the hair is deficient in nutrients, the hair will fall out. If there are such reasons, it should be removed by diet and herbs.
  There are many causes of gray hair at an early age but in most cases, the story is inherited. Dietary factors are responsible for the second number.  And sleeping late in the day fences and turns white prematurely. Alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, etc. are just as big a risk.

         Take special care not to sweat in any disease like scabies, scabies, scabies, scalp, scalp, scalp, scalp, scalp, scalp, scalp, scalp, scalp, scalp, scalp, scalp.  Triphalachurna Aretha Shikakai should be washed with glycerine soap or a good quality herbal shampoo. Remember to never use hot water for washing hair. Mix Amla and Satavari powder evenly and take one teaspoon in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables and more tomatoes, carrots, dates, figs, and leafy vegetables in your diet. Protein is needed for hair.
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