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Some healthy Snacks

  1. Groundnuts:

    Buy the groundnuts which are roasted in typical sand by local sellers which are fresh and less salted. rather going for a packet of salted groundnuts of some brand. Those have many salt and rotten groundnuts.                                
  2. Chickpeas: Just boil a handful of chickpeas and add pepper powder to it. That's a delightful protein snack.
  • Cucumber: Take cucumbers more. It has more water content and a lighter snack.
  • Seasonal fruits: Buy fruits which are in season like mangoes or jackfruit in summer. Seasonal fruits give more benefits to your body when eaten in proper season. Eating mangoes in the rainy season would easily make the stomach upset.
  • Juices: Have lemon juice to make the body cool or pomegranate juice to keep hemoglobin levels optimum often. But no iced juices man, seriously it gives more heat to your body and no benefits whatever the juice maybe.
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