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The art of Maintaining Relationships How to Cultivate?

 Love is also a relationship and marriage is also a
 There is a relationship.  Friendship is also a relationship and
 Society is also the epitome of relationships.
 Many people find relationships always confusing
 Is.  The reason is, Tunde Tunde Mati is different: a person
 Confidence-communication and happiness vary
 To live.  The formula of one does not work for the other.  Though
 There are some facts that in most relationships
 Is required.  We call it skill or art
 Art is abstract.  In the same way, understanding is also abstract.  Anne
 You cannot explain by rules or pictures.
 You can only experience it, you can infer it.
 The realization makes all relationships seem mysterious
 Is.  That's why I can understand something this way
 Can't understand  This question itself complicates the relationship.  A
 Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem
 Crafted, with very different properties
 With the mind doing something with each other
 Are living.  There can be no similarity between the two.
 True if there is a little too much, but there is a condition Can't be
I understand if it is because of the condition of not understanding
 The same confusion arises.  So let's make this important today
 Let's know the matter.
 Understanding the Sami person's point of view in relationships
 Skills required.  Of what they say or want
 Insight into the reasons and motives behind it
 Makes relationships more intimate.
 Only to the person or circumstances from his own angle
 It can be said that valuers use relationships.
 Knowing what is important to a relative
 Behaviors gain a lot in a relationship.  Often Sami
 Sharing is important to the person and we
 Keep up the good content.  A fair
 No.  Any advice where consolation is important
 Does not make sense.  Everyone has a flaw
 Is.  If we bore the Sami person
 In relationships if we can identify and speak clearly
 Wrong entanglement does not arise.  Like, you m
 The habit of speaking out loud or laughing out loud from time to time
 If you don't like it, let me know.
 If two people can laugh out loud with each other
 An atmosphere that can be fun makes the relationship more lively.
 Relationship Support The spirit of supporting you
 There are also.  Support just before asking for the right relationship
 Is found.  What a Sami person needs when
 The third eye of knowing keeps the wetness of the relationship intact
 Is.  When a partner or a relative has a bad time
 Your empathy should not be empathized when there is
 Is.  If your shoulder tears for that person
 A safe place to be if your relationship is a hundred touches of gold
 Understand like.
 When a relative asks for your opinion
 Round, clear instead of sweet talk
 It takes courage to give an opinion.  In relationships
 Faith is needed.  Like private in a true relationship
 There should be no fear in speaking.  In the J area
 That a Sami person lacks confidence
 Encourage them where they are suffering from adenoma
 Trying to increase their self-esteem
 To do.
 Not everything in a relationship always runs in a straight line.
 Sometimes one side has to give up.  Eyes lying ears
 Also have to.  Compromising in true relationships
 There should be no regrets when it comes to this.
 Didn't see the inclination to cast spells or show gratitude
 a.  Also being a true listener to sustain relationships
 Is required.  Without hearing the whole story of the Sami person
 It is not appropriate to get into arguments.
 Positive areas of life to the Sami person
 Introducing can nurture personality more.
 In some cases, a person is very optimistic
 And the despair of one when the other is pessimistic
 There should be another contribution in digging.
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