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What precautions should be taken when a baby is born

Do not rush to bathe the newborn baby as it gets cold. Postpone this task for the second or third day. Even if it has been done by swimming in the whole nine bodies of amniotic fluid, then why not hurry to bathe and weigh it.  Wear with a wrapped garment and then subtract the weight of the garment from it. In winter, hats, gloves, gloves, etc., must be used as a garment for the needs of a newborn baby's friend. The newborn's closet should be warm.  The room should have a warm atmosphere to keep the other person from entering the room
        If the baby needs to be warmed during the winter season or under special circumstances and the doctor's treatment devices are not available, turn on the 200-volt bulb and keep the baby one and a half feet away from it to keep warm.
         If the newborn is under the care of a doctor, they warm him by putting him to sleep in an incubator or device called an ingredient warmer.
           Maintaining the body temperature of the newborn
 The above remedies for warmth are effective
 Whether it is being proven, to verify it So put your hands on her body, our hands
 If his body feels slightly warmer than
 Understand that his body temperature is right
 The level is maintained.

Protection against infection
 His mother in the newborn's room
 In addition to the other two service-minded individuals
 Licensing to enter.  Know the distance
 Aptajano who came to ask, mother's friend-
 Friends come to the baby's room
 It is not desirable.  Even such well-wishers
 Inadvertently can spread the infection.  Especially
 Cold, eye, skin Individuals with an infectious disease voluntarily
 Stay nine yards away from the baby.  Baby
 Someone with a sore throat There is no benefit, but there is an infection in the intestines Is.  The only safety is not to give anything like that To understand.

Symptoms of a serious illness
 The mother and the family itself are infants
 Recognize common symptoms of a serious illness
 Detect and catch the disease as soon as possible
 Can be.  A severe form of the disease progresses

Also treated it before assuming
 Can be.
 If the baby is suffocated at birth
 And later shortness of breath.
 Too cold to touch or
 Feel hot
 From the uterus, anus, or any organ
 Blood seems to flow.
 Body skin looks yellow, especially
 By the first day)
 0 bushes in the first 2 hours, and 2
 Does not urinate in an hour,
 Thin water-like diarrhea and frequent
 Vomiting occurs
 • If the baby is not running, or while running
 Goes inwards,
 Sleeping loosely and
 If you do not wake up immediately after waking up,
 Forced movement of limbs,
 Foam coming out of the mouth, eyes
 Convulsions like climbing up etc.
 If symptoms appear.


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