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Custard apple
Custard apple is one of the few fruits that
 contain a well-balanced ratio of potassium and
 sodium that helps in regulating and controlling
 blood pressure fluctuations in the body. The high
 magnesiunm content in custard apple relaxes the
 smooth heart muscles, thus preventing stroke
 and heart attack. Moreover, fiber
 and niacin in the fruit help in
 Dwering bad cholesterol while
 increasing good cholesterol in
 the body. It helps in preventing
 the absorption of cholesterol
 in the gut and averts the free
 radicals from affecting lipid.
 IBoosts eyesight
 Custard apple is a rich source of vitamin C and
 riboflavin, two most essential nutrients that are
 responsible for keeping the eyes
 healthy. They also help in fighting
free radicals from damaging the cells. As we age,
weak eyesight is a common problem. In this day
and age where we are glued to the screens of our
phone, TV, tablets, and laptops, it is important to
care of your eyes. The essential
nutrients in custard
prevent your eyes from drying
out allowing themn to function
Custard apple for
better brain health
Custard apples contain
abundance. The B complex
vitamins help the brain to calm
down, especially when
stressed about something
depressed. 100 gms of custard apple contains 0.6
gms of Vitamin B6 which is 15-20% of the daily
recommended value.

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