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Divorced people have lower memory:

Researcher Marriage is also associated with better memory.  According to US researchers, people who are divorced are more likely to have memory problems than those who are married.  Researchers at the University of Michigan have reached this conclusion by researching 15379 people.  They found that the risk of dementia was higher in divorced men.  The researchers conducted this research between the years 2000 and 2004.  The research involved 15379 people.  The people surveyed were 52 years of age or older.  It included people living a normal marital life, widowers, divorced people, bachelors.  During the study, the person's brain was examined every two years.  Researchers say that social cohabitation has a positive effect on health.  But divorced people face emotional distress and financial hardship.  The study was conducted because of the high number of unmarried people in the United States.  Researchers say that dementia has more to do with living a lonely life at an early age.  Within 14 years of divorce, men are more likely to suffer from memory loss.  Men living a normal married life are not at risk.  Separation from the spouse affects the brain.
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