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Exercise can protect against heart disease:-

A new study has shown that regular exercise can reduce inflammation and protect against heart disease.  A study in Boston found that people who exercised regularly had a much younger brain.  He is about 1 year younger than people his age who do not exercise.  Brain volume is also high and they do not suffer from stress.  If the brain is healthy then there is no memory related disease.  The risk of dementia is greatly reduced.  For people who are lazy to exercise, regular walking is the best exercise.  This increases the blood circulation in the body and allows blood to reach all parts of the body.  All the organs of the body are refreshed as oxygen also reaches the blood.  The effects of aging are less visible on people who walk daily and on their brains.  Walking also increases a person's physical ability.  People who don't want to run a marathon or take part in this type of race can also keep their body healthy by running every day.  You need to create a timetable to exercise for 150 minutes a week.  You should walk 20 minutes twice a week.  Do light exercise twice for 20 minutes.  A game should be played for 30 minutes.  Heart disease currently kills millions of people worldwide.  So in today's age it has become very important to do exercise or physical activities.
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