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what is Betrayals?

 Mine's has to be Walter Dollneaz's betrayal from the anime Hellsing Ultimate. Since he was 14 (or longer, it's unknown), he was a Butler for Arthur Hellsing. After Arthur passed away, he became Integra Hellsing's Butler.

From what we gather from Hellsing The Dawn, Walter was sent to Warsaw to take care of vampires. Walter was 14 at the time, and with him carried the coffin that contained Alucard. After falling from thousands of feet from the air, Walter and Alucard found themselves in the Major's dining room.

While Walter refused the Major's offer to betray Hellsing, he must have changed his mind later. At the very end of one of the Hellsing Ultimate episodes, you can see Walter walking with Millennium.

While there have been hints that Walter was part of Millennium, the betrayal wasn't known until episode eight. When the Major was about to be shot by a flying helicopter, Walter destroyed it with his wires. Instead of a 69-year-old human Walter, he's a vampire and aged in his late 20s.

Somehow, no one has ever suspected that Walter was the one that betrayed Hellsing. The only one that had, however, was Sir Islands. According to him, it's as if Walter planned an idea to wake Alucard up. Walter disappeared from the Hellsing Estate, allowing Integra's uncle Richard to attack. Integra succeeded in waking up Alucard, allowing the vampire to kill him.

The idea all along was that Walter wanted to fight Alucard. In order to do so Walter had to be better at fighting the vampire, hence the butler's change to a different being. The Millennium also seemed to have offered many things, including immortality. It's a huge offer and always taken in the Hellsing universe; unless it's Integra.

What I love about it is by how blind Walter clearly was. Walter spent 55 years wanting to go against Alucard, knowing full well what the vampire king is capable of. Walter never backed down knowing that, because he's so blind by determination. Unfortunately for Walter, the transformation started to fall apart on him. Walter turned 14, and his body was becoming weak and frail.

While Walter didn't get a chance to end him, he still died. Not by Alucard, but of his own stupidity.

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